Fritz Haag

Intense, Incisive Mosel Rieslings from a Renowned Family Estate

The historic Fritz Haag wine estate is located in the heart of the central Mosel River Valley. The earliest documentation of the estate dates back to 1605. At that time, the village in which it is situated was known as “Dusemond.” In 1925, this village was renamed “Brauneberg” (“brown mountain,” a reference to the color of the slate soil in this area of the Mosel) in an endeavour to further promote the reputation of its world-renowned vineyards “Brauneberger Juffer” and “Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr.”

The Wines



Oliver and Wilhelm Haag firmly hold the philosophy that a world-class wine estate must maintain the same level of quality throughout the entire range, from the simplest everyday wine to the special-selection, single-vineyard wines. This total commitment to uncompromising quality can be tasted clearly in these entry-level estate Rieslings.

Estate Riesling Trocken (Dry)

The Estate Riesling Trocken balances the brisk Mosel Riesling acidity with a delicate texture and an ultra-fine fruitiness. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of shellfish dishes, and especially ideal as a partner for briny, cold-water oysters.

Brauneberger Riesling Trocken “J”

This dry wine is a cuvée that is 75% from the Juffer vineyard and 25% from the Sonnenuhr, which is the steepest part of the hillside slope. In most vintages, a brief maceration is used to help soften the brisk acidity before fermentation in stainless steel. It is lively and focused, with pure, clear fruit aromas and rich citrus power on the palate.

Estate Riesling

This Estate Riesling is made in a slightly off-dry style that perfectly balances Mosel Riesling’s typically crisp acidity. This makes it a very refreshing choice to serve as an aperitif, as a partner for lighter dishes or with reception appetizers.


The terrifyingly steep Brauneberg hillside has been revered as a top vineyard site since the Romans first cultivated wine grapes in the Mosel valley. In their day it was called “dulcis mons,” which is Latin for “sweet mountain,” and is the origin of the former village name, Dusemond. It is an isolated, south-facing hill that is one of the drier vineyards in the area, a great advantage in this wet, northern climate.

Brauneberger Juffer

The Juffer vineyard surrounds the smaller Juffer Sonnenuhr on three sides, extending both upstream and downstream, as well as above the sundial. This vineyard produces lighter, more delicate wines than the warmer, riper Sonnenuhr.

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr

The Juffer Sonnenuhr is the choicest center cut of the Brauneberg — the steepest and most south-facing part of the hillside. This Grosse Lage (grand cru) site produces profound, distinctive wines with great purity and concentration.


In addition to the core wines, these additional Fritz Haag wines are available in limited quantities on a pre-arrival basis, and depending on vintage. Please contact us.


Brauneberger Riesling “Tradition” Feinherb
Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Feinherb


Brauneberger Juffer Auslese Goldkapsel
Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese Goldkapsel

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