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Mar 1, 2023 | Villa Wolf

Get to know Claudia Fadda for Women’s History Month! We’re honored to work with Claudia on a daily basis and we want to share her story. Fadda brings integral knowledge, experience, and expertise to the Villa Wolf estate. Learn more about those efforts and Claudia in our March newsletter!

Meet Claudia Fadda

Claudia Dumping Picking Bucket

Claudia dumps a picking bucket during the 2022 harvest

What is your full name and position title?

My name is Claudia Fadda. I work at Villa Wolf as a winemaker, but I mainly deal with the management of the vineyards by bringing innovative techniques to improve the quality and productivity of wines and grapes.

How did you get started in the wine industry? Do you have any formal wine education from a university?

[My] interest in organic and then in biodynamic agriculture led me to devote myself also to the production of wine; this is the reason why my wine education began at Dr. Bürklin Wolf winery. To improve my knowledge of the vineyard, I attended a course at the University of Bordeaux to learn about the pruning of the vine.

What has surprised you most about being a winemaker/working in the wine industry?

It is a work that stimulates your knowledge. Every year you have to learn new lessons and new ways of working to keep pace with nature.

What winemaking or wine-related goal are you currently working towards? What excited you most about this goal?

The main objective is to find out what’s best for each vineyard in order to make new organic projects and to produce the highest quality of wines for reaching out even to the toughest markets.

What challenges have you faced being a woman in the wine industry? How have these challenges shaped you and your career?

Sometimes I had the impression that I worked harder to demonstrate my skills. However, these challenges have made me grow both personally and professionally, making me love my job even more.

What do you hope for future generations of female winemakers and industry professionals?

I hope there are more and more women who can work in viticulture taking important positions and decisions. Women have more sensitivity and empathy and to make a good wine they are excellent ingredients.

What advice would you give to other women in the wine industry or those looking to start a career in the wine industry?

It’s a job that accompanies one’s life, so you have to be prepared for every unexpected event, but in the end, you have the opportunity to travel and get to know different cultures and many people.

What is the most unique or favorite bottle of wine in your personal cellar?

I come from Italy, precisely Sardinia, so for me, a wine that shouldn’t be missing is Cannonau di Mammoiada. A red wine from the mountains and granite soil.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Claudia a little better! Keep up with us on social media to see how else we’ll be celebrating Women’s History Month.