Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Riesling GG

Robert Weil Gräfenberg GG 2022 dLabel 200w
A magnificent, full-bodied dry Riesling from the finest vineyard site of the Rheingau’s most highly acclaimed wine estate.

The outstanding quality of the Kiedrich Gräfenberg (“Hill of the Counts”) vineyard was first documented in the late 12th century. It is a steep, southwest-facing slope in a sheltered side valley of the Rheingau, with deep to medium-deep stony soil made up of phyllite interspersed with water-retaining layers of loess and loam. The dry Grosses Gewächs (GG) is a perfect reflection of this mineral-rich terroir, displaying a provocative balance of fruit, spice and flintiness.

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