Maximin Grünhaus Grünhäuser Riesling

Maximin Grünhaus Grünhäuser 1G Trocken 2022 dLabel
A nuanced and complex dry Riesling selected from parcels in this cult producer’s best two vineyards.

This is the estate’s “Ortswein” (VDP equivalent of villages), which expresses the unique terroir of their contiguous hillside of vineyards, their characteristic slate soil, and their singular location in this tiny, protected side valley of the Mosel. While the “Schloss” Riesling represents the distinctive style of the estate, the Grünhäuser Riesling brings you the taste of the dirt. The redundancy in the name occurs because this is the one estate in Germany where the estate and “village” share the same name: Grünhaus (“Grünhäuser” is the possessive form in German).

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