Dr. Loosen Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel Erdener Prälat

A gloriously dense and complex dessert-style Riesling from the most extraordinary single-vineyard site in the Mosel valley.

Erdener Prälat (AIR-din-er PRAY-laht) is considered by many wine lovers to be the greatest vineyard in the Mosel region. This four-acre site has perfect southern exposure, a 100-percent (45°) slope, very old vines in ancient red slate soil, and an ideal location directly adjacent to the river. Because of its exposition and warm vineyard climate, Erdener Prälat always produces the richest, most kaleidoscopic wines of all our Grosse Lage (grand cru) sites. This special-selection Auslese is made from clusters that were fully botrytis affected, for a luscious, intensely concentrated dessert wine.

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