Meet Kelvin Harmon – A ‘Wine’ Receiver

Jun 15, 2023 | Featured

Meet Kelvin Harmon, former Wide Receiver for the Washington Commanders. Under the jersey and football pads, is a budding wine aficionado. Get to know more about this wine receiver in this interview.

What sparked your interest in wine? A person, place, meal?

“It was my mother, she always loved wine.”

Professional athletes are increasingly entering the world of wine, whether with their own winemaking projects or extensive personal collections. Have these other athletes inspired you to learn more about wine?

“One of my good friends from college influenced me to learn more about wine, [specifically], the 2014 Dr. Loosen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Auslese.”

What is your favorite type of wine? Why is that your favorite?

“The 2014 Auslese from Dr. Loosen is such a well-rounded wine. Dry but sweet enough, sweet but dry enough. It also tastes really good with shrimp and pasta.”

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Harmon receives a pass at practice

What do you find most interesting about wine? What more would you like to learn?

“The process of it being made, how the grapes are harvested and can create different flavors. I [would] like to learn how those many different flavors are actually created.”

Have you ever thought about entering the wine space with your own wine brand like other professional athletes have? Do you think that is something you may want to do in the future?

“Yes, I definitely want to do that in the future. And I’m hoping my new relationship with Loosen Bros. USA will be the start to [learning how I can do that].”

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Harmon comes in clutch

What is your favorite way to enjoy wine (with food, at social events, at home, etc.)? Who do you share a bottle with (friends, family, teammates, etc.)?

“I love to enjoy it in all aspects, whether I’m alone and reading a good book or watching my favorite tv shows. When I’m out with friends and family I love to show off the Dr. Loosen [wines], many [of them] have not tried [them] yet.”

Do you have any teammates that share your interest in wine?

“Yes, plenty of them. And if not, their wives or girlfriends do and they just haven’t been exposed to it yet. I had a gathering last year with a few teammates and introduced them to [Dr. Loosen Auslese] and honestly, that’s probably why it’s so hard to find now!”

What is something about wine you wish you knew more about? This could be the winemaking process, vineyard management, wine tasting, etc.

“The vineyard management process is something that I would love to learn more about. Seeing the operations not only in the field but from a financial standpoint as well.”

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Harmon “in the zone” during game time

Are you a wine collector? Have you started to build a personal cellar?

“I have not started collecting wines yet. I recently visited Davis Estate in Napa and it influenced me to start collecting.”

More About Kelvin

Kelvin was initially drafted by the Washington Commanders in 2019. He was selected in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. Currently, Harmon is a free agent and is exploring different prospects. Originally from Monrovia, Liberia, Kelvin moved to the United States when he was four years old. He left his hometown of Palmyra, New Jersey to attend college and play football at North Carolina State.

Follow Kelvin on Instagram to keep up with his football career and growing wine collection! @KelvHarmon_3