A (bio)dynamic Family Estate in Germany's Rheinhessen Region

The Wittmann family has been growing grapes and producing wine in the small Rheinhessen village of Westhofen since 1663. Today, the estate cultivates 62 acres of vines in the rolling limestone hills found in the southern part of the region, just west of the Rhine river valley. They have been pioneers in developing the full-bodied, well-balanced style of dry wines for which the region has become known. And they were early adopters of organic (1990) and biodynamic (2004) viticulture.

Riesling is the dominant grape variety, accounting for 65% of the estate’s vineyard area. They also produce the three Pinot varieties (Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir), as well as Silvaner. In addition, small quantities of Scheurebe, Chardonnay and some minor varieties are grown.

The Wines

100 Hills Riesling

A modern classic. Elegant with invigorating freshness of grapefruit and peach. Amazingly juicy and fresh with lively acidity and a fine minerality. An essential everyday Riesling to be enjoyed with seasonal salads, fresh vegetables, white meats or fish.

100 Hills Pinot Blanc

Elegant, with fine aromas of ripe fruit, basil and mint. Creamy and fresh with vibrant acidity and a fine minerality. Invigorating freshness of ripe fruits and nuts. An everyday wine; pairs well with all foods.

Estate Rosé

Fruity fresh bouquet of red berry, raspberry, strawberry and red currant. Dry with delicately juicy fruit, harmonious acidity and a fine mineral spiciness; long finish. A perfect Summer wine.

Estate Riesling Trocken

Fine aroma of yellow fruits and apple, elegant clear structure and juicy freshness. Dry with a juicy acidity which harmonize with the typical earthy mineral tones; good finish.

Estate Spätburgunder

Elegant, classic Pinot Noir. Fine aromas of dark berries and an herb finish. Very compact and mouth filling, with an elegant acidity and soft tannins. Even in its youth it shows a timeless style.

Westhofener Riesling Trocken

Intense aroma of juicy green apples and a spicy mineral tone. Begins with fresh fruit and an elegant play of acidity and alcohol. Long finish marked by juicy fruit and a spicy mineral tone. Beautiful, clear structure.

Morstein Riesling GG

This wine grips you with its ripe yellow fruit notes. It is elegant and multifaceted with a firm mineral-rich finish. The Morstein vineyard is situated on a south-facing slope that dates from 1282. Wittmann owns about 10 acres in the best, southeast-facing parcel. The vines are well supplied with nutrients and minerals, and accounts for the mineral character of Morstein wines.

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