Castello di Morcote

Serious Merlot from a Historic Estate in Southern Switzerland

The Castello di Morcote estate extends over the Arbostora promontory in Switzerland, surrounded by Lake Lugano, at the southern point of Ticino, facing Italy. It comprises 172 hectares where grapes and olives are cultivated, fruit trees and bees are nurtured, and horses and donkeys are raised. The Gianini family, owners of the property for four generations, began to cultivate the land in 1940. The current 7-hectare estate vineyard, surrounding the castle, was established at the end of the 1980s. The estate produced its first wine in 1993. In addition to classic Merlot, a white Merlot aged in oak and a Reserve are also produced.

The Wines

2016 Merlot del Ticino

Grown on the steep, south-facing granite-porphyry slopes of Lake Lugano, this Merlot is produced in the classic Bordeaux manner. It is intense in color and concentrated in flavor, with finely balanced tannins. The cooler climate and moderating influence of the lake help to retain freshening acidity in the fruit, giving the wine a refined, elegant structure.

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