Loosen Bros. USA is a dynamic fine wine importer headquartered near Portland, Oregon. We are committed to representing winemakers and estates from around the world who are at the pinnacle of their respective regions, with a primary focus on Riesling and Pinot Noir.

We dedicate ourselves to tasting and selecting wines that have a genuine sense of both place and character, and it is our ongoing mission to build the reputation of each of our producers by strengthening our distributor partnerships and market presence in the United States. Read more about our company history.


Our Team

Kirk Wille
Vice President

Kirk is our fearless leader and unofficial Chief of US Riesling Indoctrination. With a lifelong passion for the noble grape, he was publisher of The Riesling Report before joining forces with Erni Loosen to found Loosen Bros. USA.

Kirk is a member of the board of directors of the International Riesling Foundation and oversees much of the Dr. Loosen cosponsorship of Riesling Rendezvous, as well as serving as an expert panelist at the conference. Like any good Oregonian, he also is a fan of Pinot Noir and is an 18-year member of the secretive special forces unit known as the Wine Room Crew at the International Pinot Noir Celebration.

A classical music lover and an artisan at heart, he is equally at home wielding a carpenter’s saw in the toolshed or a chef’s knife in the kitchen. To everything, he brings tireless enthusiasm, a ready laugh, and a passion for sharing the good things in life....especially wine.

Clifford Robben
CFO & Operations Manager

As CFO & Operations Manager, Cliff Robben keeps the Loosen Bros. gears well-oiled and spinning at top speed. More than a bean counter, Cliff is a wine expert in his own right, and is gifted with an astonishing super power to identify individual wines in our portfolio in a single taste. “I like the many hats I wear, from managing the financials to inventory and logistics,” he says. “We are a small company that succeeds based on the intelligence and efficiency of our employees. Working with this talented team and these amazing wines keeps me interested and entertained every day.”

Cliff wears his love for our inventory literally on his sleeve, with a big, permanent “Riesling” tattoo on his forearm. He says: “I really enjoy the vast craziness that is German Riesling. Always something new to experience and learn.”

Rachelle Cochran
Operations Assistant

As she puts it, It was only a matter of time before wine found our Operations Assistant Rachelle Cochran. Ebullient, funny and enthusiastic, she says her love for the beverage grows deeper every day and so does her love for its people. “Every bottle of wine is a work of art and everyone has such a zest for life,” she says. As our company “humorist in residence,” she also does standup comedy and karaoke. She’s also a music lover and plays both violin and banjo. “I joined the Loosen team,” she says, “because I knew and adored the people who work here and because I love wine more than I should.”

Jeff Marazoni
Sales Support Manager

If we could choose two middle names for Jeff Marazoni, they would be “organized” and “efficient.” He is our indispensable behind-the-scenes guy, in constant communication with our regional sales managers, planning travel, coordinating samples, tracking inventory and supply, and planning events. He also works with our portfolio estates on supply, reservations, reporting and USA travel.

A real family man, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, road trips and anything beach-island-lake-river related. At play and work, he loves helping people out of their wine comfort zones. "I live for getting that ‘WOW, I never knew’ response,” he says. “For me it’s all about the people. Working with the LB USA team and the great wine estates is amazing. And the wines we are privileged to represent are an amazing perk!

Kelly Richardson
Southeast Region Sales Manager

Kelly Richardson is our Southeast Region Sales Manager. A certified sommelier through Johnson and Wales, she loves working with Loosen Bros. customers because, as she puts it “people who like our portfolio are usually passionate about wine and I share that with them.” She loves tennis and gardening and is an avid traveler: “Dust never settles on my feet. I love discovering new places, especially with a local as a guide.” But the best thing for her? “Seeing that ‘aha’ moment in peoples’ eyes when they discover other sides of Riesling or an area called ‘Coteux Bourguignons’ or that Germany makes excellent Rosés or a luscious Pinot Noir that tastes like Burgundy but is made in Oregon,” she says. “I like to blow peoples’ minds!”

Molly Sweeney
Midwest Region Sales Manager

Starting out as a restauranteur, Molly Sweeney opened and operated several successful seafood restaurants in Southern Ohio. Following passion for wine, she moved to Vintage Wine Distributors under master sommelier Matthew Citrigilia and from there to a wine import company as their national sales manager.

But she still had new waters to explore. Discovering that she had a special passion for German wines, she joined us at Loosen Bros. USA in 2014.

Molly says the only thing that eclipses her incredible experiences in wine and food is raising her two daughters, Ryan and Kyle. Outside of work and family, she volunteers for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and also helps to rescue pit bull dogs.

Marcy Scott
Northeast Region Sales Manager

Our Northeast Region Sales Manager, Marcy Scott, inherited her mother’s passion for food and wine. As a friend of hers recently said: “You were eating bouillabaise when I was eating Chef Boyardee.” Later, when she was of drinking age, her mother gave her a great education in wine and pairing it with food and, while living in France, studied wine at the Cordon Bleu. She also has a certificate from IWC. Of Loosen Bros, she says “I have never seen a portfolio of such incredible wines being offered by one company. These are producers that offer wines of exceptional quality and reputation with no compromise, sold by people who share the passion and get it! When not working or enjoying wine, Marcy is a certified medical Qi Gong practitioner. She loves to cycle and has been known to carry a full case of wine on her bike. “It’s the best way to travel.”

Diane Denham
Southwest Region Sales Manager

Our Southwest Region Sales Manager Diane Denham has a long career in wine that includes four years in Alsace, and nearly 15 years at Robert Mondavi, where she started as a street rep in Houston, rose to manage accounts in 36 Caribbean and Latin American countries and eventually became National Sales Manager for Robert Mondavi Imports.

She also has owned a small vineyard in Napa, where she found out that cats are ineffective in keeping out deer and that deer are more reliable judges of grape sugar levels than are refractometers. “Our first year, the deer ate the entire harvest the night before we were scheduled to pick. There was nothing left in the vineyard!” She also founded a wine import company and most recently was the Northern California Editor for Somm Journal.

A Texas native from a long line of Texans and now a California resident, Diane loves great wine and food and is happy to be representing (and drinking) wines from Germany and Burgundy again.

Brian "The Harlanator" Harlan
Wine Warrior Emeritus

The Harlanator is now our semi-retired roving road warrior–available for specialized trade seminars and sales training wherever he is needed . Our very first employee in 2003, he is arguably the most verbally colorful member of our team and has a knowledge of wine that is utterly encyclopedic.

His devotion to wine is eclipsed only by his overriding passion for music in all forms. He owns more than 12,000 CDs of which he says 44% are classical, 32% jazz and 24% rock and roll.

His rock and roll has a strong Grateful Dead theme. At age fifteen he hitchhiked 100 miles from Santa Cruz to attend his first of their shows in 1973. By the time he caught his last show in 1995, he had attended more than 150 of their concerts. Last year he attended 48 concerts, several of them around the world with Kirk Wille.