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2020 Producer Harvest Reports

Dr. Loosen harvest at Bernkasteler Lay vineyard

Harvesting in the Bernkasteler Lay vineyard, just up the hill behind the Dr. Loosen estate house.

Dr. Loosen

“Grapes like from a picture book!” – The 2020 growing season and harvest both got off to an early start here in the Mosel, but ended up giving us picture-perfect fruit for excellent dry wines, as well as brilliant off-dry and medium-sweet wines at the lower end of the Prädikat spectrum. When describing the 2020 vintage overall, our cellar master, Bernhard Schug, summed it up best by simply calling it “a Kabinett/Spätlese year.” Read the report

Fritz Haag

An ideal year with a challenging finale. – 2020 began mild as usual, albeit with more precipitation than in recent years. This weather pattern held throughout February, but by early March the temperatures had begun to rise noticeably. April dawned warm, dry and sunny, with the mercury hovering around 20 degrees C. These outstanding conditions encouraged bud break in our vineyards by mid-April, moving smoothly in just a few days across all our sites. Read the report

Maximin Grünhaus

The 2020 vintage will be remembered by all of us in many ways. – In the vineyard, vegetation started quietly at the beginning of the year and was then pushed forward in a very warm and dry April, so that at times the earliest flowering ever was to be expected. The cool weeks at the end of May and in the beginning of June delayed the flowering period far into June, which was simply wonderful.  Read the report

Robert Weil

Outstanding quality, thanks to precipitation in winter, the late summer and early autumn – While the 2020 growing season wasn’t as obviously hot as some recent years, it nevertheless goes into the record books as the warmest overall period since records have been kept. The long-term savior for the vines was the plentiful rains during the winter of 2019/20.  Read the report

Villa Wolf

Foresight and a lot of extra vineyard work lead to an exceptional vintage. – Because of its very early start, the 2020 growing season caused some viticultural concerns from the very beginning. But thanks to the intuition and exertions of our very dedicated vineyard team, this year has turned out to be extraordinary. To put this vintage in perspective, Patrick Möllendorf, head winemaker at Villa Wolf, commented that 2020 “reminds him a lot of that harmonious 2012 vintage, which had conditions that were almost as ideal as this year and produced wines that now show enormous aging potential.” Read the report


Ideal conditions for the vines – Hat trick! 2020 was the third sunniest year in a row. And just like in 2018 and 2019, we harvested a picture-perfect crop of grapes. It took outstanding conditions throughout the entire growth cycle to reach this happy conclusion. Plentiful rain in February and March went a long way toward replenishing the water stocks in our soils.  Read the report


We associate the year 2020 with great gratitude. – In the winter, our groundwater reserves were replenished through sufficient rainfall. In the spring, the vineyards were spared late frosts and hail storms. In the hot summer, our topsoil and cover crops once again proved their worth, which meant that our vines had enough access to moisture to absorb nutrients and develop acidity. On September 21, earlier than ever before, we started our harvest. Read the report


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