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Dr. L Riesling: America’s #1 Super Premium German Riesling

The U.S. wine market has changed dramatically in the last six months, with more consumers buying wine through retail channels, and in higher volume, than ever before. Shelf space at a premium, and with the holidays approaching, choosing comfortable and familiar brands with proven sell-through is more imperative than ever.

IRi data shows that Dr. L Riesling is resonating with consumers like never before. Because of many positive health, lifestyle and sustainability attributes, Dr. L is appealing to home-bound consumers more than any other wine in its category. Lower in alcohol, refreshing and food friendly, it’s an uplifting choice for holiday celebrations at home.

If there is only one Riesling on the shelf, it should be Dr. L: proven pull through and effortless profit.


(IRi data. 52 weeks ending Oct. 11, 2020)

  • Overall U.S. wine sales are up 15.9% YTD
  • German Riesling sales are up 16.6% YTD
  • Dr. L Riesling sales are up 33.7% YTD
  • The #1 German Riesling in the Super Premium price point!
  • In all price points it is the #3 German Riesling and #9 among all Rieslings (750ml).
  • The only Super Premium and multimillion $ brand to grow by more than 20%.

Take advantage of Dr. L Riesling’s new POS campaign: Be Well. Drink Well.

Learn more on our Dr. L producer page.   Or contact your regional Loosen Bros. USA sales director.

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  • Dr. L Riesling Dry
  • Dr. L Riesling Sparkling



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