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Virtual Events with Our Winemakers

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a frenzy of internet-enabled virtual activity that has pervaded all aspects of our lives. While this has led to some level of video conferencing fatigue, it is undeniable that we have entered a new era of virtual communication and this tool is here to stay. For our producers, it is a fantastic way to meet and talk wine with a far greater number of people, and to visit many more markets than they could travel to in a year.

They are all eager and willing to connect with you in this way. There are a number of possible scenarios for virtual interaction (see below).

If you are interested in arranging any of them, please contact your nearest LB USA Regional Sales Director (or email info@drloosen.com).

Virtual Sales Training Presentations

A formal educational presentation for distributors and trade. Usually no more than one hour. Can be arranged by us via Zoom, or by you through whatever platform you prefer (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex).

“What is Wine Jeopardy?” for Regional Sales Teams

A fast-paced presentation by one or more producers (5 minutes, each), focused on a couple of key wines. The presentations are followed by quiz questions to the attendees, with prizes awarded for correct answers. A fun, engaging and memorable way to learn in a short amount of time.

Virtual Sales Presentations for Trade

A brief, less-formal opportunity for members of the trade to meet with one or more of our producers for a presentation focused on one or two key wines. No more than 30 minutes. Arranged in coordination with our distributors, samples would be provided in advance, where possible.

Virtual Wine Tastings for Retailers

For consumers, but done in collaboration with a retailer, focused virtual tastings offer the opportunity to pre-sell a sample pack to your customers and build your online following. Tastings of this nature work well on Instagram Live, but can also be arranged through Zoom (we host) or the platform of your choice (with you hosting).

Virtual Tastings for Restaurants & Chefs

Although we certainly recognize the dire situation facing the on-premise world today, we have seen that are opportunities for enterprising chefs to maintain a connection to their customer base through virtual events, including food and wine pairing explorations featuring one or two winemakers. These events also provide the chance to pre-sell a tasting kit, or even a full take-out meal, including the wine (where allowed).



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