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Dr. Loosen Releases New 2015 Vintage GG Rieslings


2015 Vintage Dr. Loosen GG (dry) Rieslings


Coming soon to you… our new 2015 vintage of GG (Grosses Gewächs = “grand cru”) dry Rieslings!

Starting with the 2008 vintage, Ernst Loosen has embarked on a quest to revive the dry Riesling style of his grandfather. All of these single-vineyard GG wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts in 1,000 or 3,000-liter oak casks and left on the lees for 12 months with no batonnage.

NOTE: “Grosses Gewächs” (grow-sess guh-vex) simply means “great growth” in German. It is the term used for a producer’s best dry wine from a classified Grosse Lage (equivalent to “grand cru”) vineyard, indicated by the “GG” on the bottle.

Dr. Loosen 2015 Graacher Himmelreich GG Riesling

Graacher HImmelreich GG shows the typically bright aromatics and assertive mineral character of this very steep, rocky vineyard that lies between the villages of Wehlen and Bernkastel.

Dr. Loosen 2015 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling GG Alte Reben

The famous “sundial” vineyard, in the village of Wehlen, produces the quintessential Mosel Riesling: delicate and refined, with racy minerality and endless charm. The Wehlener Sonnenuhr GG exhibits the delicate style and penetrating floral/citrus intensity that is typical of the blue slate soil.

Dr. Loosen 2015 Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling GG Alte Reben

Selected from an extremely old (120+ years) parcel of vines called Urglück, located in the original part of the Würzgarten vineyard, directly behind the village. It shows the earthy, spicy character of the red volcanic soil here.

Dr. Loosen 2015 Erdener Treppchen Riesling GG Alte Reben

Explosive fruit and an expansive texture from the oldest parcel of the Treppchen vineyard, a windy site that inhibits botrytis, allowing for very long hang time and exceptional flavor development. Only one 1,000-liter Fuder cask is produced.

Dr. Loosen 2013 Erdener Prälat Riesling GG Alte Reben

A rich and complex dry Riesling from old vines in “the Richebourg of the Mosel.” South-facing and situated between the river and massive, heat-retaining slate cliffs, the Prälat site produces extraordinarily ripe, deeply flavored fruit.

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